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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Box Aviation offer?

Airplane Rental      Discovery Flights
Flight Training      Aerial Photography
Pilot Services      Aircraft Management
Aircraft Maintenance

What will it cost?

Each lesson will typically consist of an hour of ground training and an hour of flight training.
The cost for each lesson will range from $175-$215 and $6,500-$10,000 total for your Private Pilot License.
The total cost vary depending on aircraft and individual abilities.

Towered or Non-Towered Field?

We have found that students learning at towered fields have an easier time learning the radio and are significantly more comfortable working with Air Traffic Control. It also provides a safety advantage as a second set of eyes when flying around other aircraft.
We have seen that most who learn in Montgomery's Class D airspace successfully and comfortably navigate all airspaces and seamlessly interact with ATC.

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