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Rental Aircraft Information

We currently have five aircraft available for rent. The aircraft are available for training, a quick flight with the kids, a day beach trip adventure, the famous catfish run or $100 hamburger, or for those wishing to take longer cross country trips.

If you are interest in a leaseback or our aircraft management services, please contact our office.

Cessna 152
2 Seats, VFR, 105 Kts Cruise
Currently $95/hr

Cherokee 180
4 Seats, IFR, 115 Kts Cruise, Garmin 396/weather
Currently $130/hr

2000 Cessna 172SP
4 Seats, IFR, 115 Kts Cruise, Autopilot, KLN94 GPS
Currently $145/hr

1973 Cessna 182P
4 Seats, IFR, 130 Kts Cruise, Autopilot, GNS430 GPS
Currently $170/hr

1971 Piper Aztec E
6 Seats, IFR, 160 Kts Cruise, Autopilot, GTN650 GPS
Currently $300/hr

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