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Flight Training

Flight Training

At Box Aviation we cater to those looking for professional and flexible training options.

We pride ourselves on matching you with the perfect instructor. We work to pair you with an instructor that matches your personality and learning style. We do this, to not just finish your license or next rating, but to make you a great PILOT.

We want your flight lessons to be an investment.

We desire for you to safely and successfully enjoy your flying experiences for many years to come.

When you learn to fly here at Box Aviation, you start off flying from a controlled airport. So your initial training begins with a firm foundation of learning to talk on the radio, communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC), work with other aircraft, and operate around bigger/faster aircraft. And sometimes, you get to see some REALLY awesome planes.

If you learn to fly in our airspace, you gain the experience and confidence to fly in any airspace.

There is currently a huge demand for airline pilots. It is a great time to begin a career in aviation, let us know how we can help - We would love to help you fulfill your dream!

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