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Student Info Packet

Flight Training
Starting the journey of flight training is such a fun and exciting time. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

The items listed below are there to help answer some of your questions and get you started in the right direction.

The first item is the Student Process Handout, this is an FAA Handout that gives you a step by step approach to know how things normally progress in the private flight training world.

The second item is the Student License Handout, this gives you the steps to create an IACRA account and request your student pilots license.

The third item is the FAA Medical Examiner Handout, this gives you a list of local doctors that can complete a FAA Medical Exam and the process for Medexpress

The fourth item is the Incentive Program, this explains the incentive options we currently have. This is very similar to block time, but it is not just limited to the aircraft.

The fifth item is the Total Cost Estimate, this gives a general breakdown of all the cost associated with obtaining your private pilot license.

The last item is the Rental Agreement, you will need to complete this document and bring it, along with the cover page items, with you for your first lesson or first meeting.

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